Carpet Cleaning in Preventing Coronavirus

With the coronavirus pandemic threatening all of us, not just in the UK but all over the world, now is the time that all of us should be most concerned about the quality of our hygiene standard.

We have been advised to stay at home, and if it is inevitable for us to go to a crowded place, we must maintain a 2-meter distance from other people and wash our hands with water and soap often. But aside from doing these things, most residents think that cleaning all the surfaces in their home, especially the carpets, is an excellent step to prevent coronavirus. Are these presumptions correct?

Coronavirus live long on surfaces

According to the recent studies conducted, the virus can live on surfaces for quite sometime after an infected person sneezes or touches it. However, since wools in carpets are considered a porous surface, it will eventually dry out the virus, given the time and right conditions. While carpets are categorised as a porous surface, it still received a fair share of viral cough, especially in a household where leaving shoes outside is not practiced. People who cough and sneeze without covering their faces also give a massive contribution of viral load on the carpet.

How can carpet cleaning protect you from coronavirus?

The COVID-19 coronavirus enters the human body primarily through the nose, mouth, and eyes. So if you have touched a carpet with the virus particles, and then touched your face, the virus will be most likely to enter your body. Cleaning and sanitizing all touchable surfaces – not just carpets – at home or in your work area, is a huge help in preventing the virus from spreading. While having your carpet cleaned won’t help you treat the virus infection, but it is a good preventive measure to decontaminate your home or workplace if it has been exposed to the virus. Giving your carpet a good cleaning with the help of professional carpet cleaners will kill the virus spores that are lingering in them. However, washing your hands thoroughly and regularly, and covering your face when sneezing or coughing will do a lot more than having your carpet cleaned. Should you need the help of professional carpet cleaners, feel free to contact our team to receive reliable and hassle-free service. We offer high-quality and efficient carpet cleaning services at a reasonable cost. Call us today to receive a free quote.

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