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Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions and The Truth Behind Them

Various carpet cleaning misconceptions have been going around for ages. While most of these myths aren’t harmful, they can make the problems worse and cause permanent damage to your carpet. In this article, let’s discuss some of these misconceptions and the truth behind them. Using dishwashing liquid as a spot cleaner Some suggest the use of dishwashing liquid as a spot cleaner. This is pretty reasonable if you think about the fact that dishwashing liquid is chemically mild and is safe on fibre. However, since the product is sticky, it can leave your carpet dirtier with its sticky residue instead of cleaning it. Dishwashing liquids are designed to be washed away using a good amount of water – and too much water is definitely not good for carpets. Keep on rubbing to get rid of stains quickly More often than not, the very first thing we do when spilling something on the carpet is to scrub the stain until it is gone. However, this method actually worsens the problem instead of solving it because you are rubbing the stain more into the fibre. To get rid of the stains, it is better to use a warm cloth, and dab it on the stain starting from the outer edges towards the centre. White wine is the solution to red wine stains According to popular belief, pouring white wine or clear alcohol on a red wine stain would make the best solution. But this is actually false. There is no better and more cost-effective solution than to hire a professional cleaner to have the problem solved instead of wasting a glass of wine. Professional stain removal service is a waste of money By thinking that a professional stain removal service is expensive, many people tend to perform a DIY solution for their stained carpet. But it is crucial to remember that false information and poorly done stain removal can cause huge damage that costs more than the amount that you will be charged for hiring a professional service. To save time, money and energy, hiring a professional company to perform a professional and detailed carpet cleaning is always the perfect option. At Heather Carpet Cleaning, we guarantee a safe and reliable solution for all your carpet cleaning needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for enquiries and appointment requests.

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