Hire Experts for Flood Damage Carpet Restoration

Water damage caused by plumbing issues, floods, and weather phenomena can come without warning. Since they can come any time, there is nothing much we can do to prevent it from causing significant damage to our property. As soon as the flood subsides, we have to act quickly to avoid further damage to our property.  

While woodworks, concrete, and other materials can be cleaned and dried quickly, home equipment made of fabrics, such as carpets and curtains, is harder to deal with. In these cases, professional carpet cleaners’ intervention is necessary. 

However, you can save money on your professional carpet cleaning fees by doing some parts of the cleaning on your own. Here are a few simple tips on how you can do it with ease. 

Tips on DIY Water Damage Restoration 

The very first step to perform is identifying the source of the water damage, be it a leak on your plumbing system or the recent flooding in your area. Stop the leak and then remove the furniture from the flooded room or part of your house. Determine if the flooded carpets, curtains, and fabrics, are still worth salvaging. So it would be best if you considered getting rid of it.  

How do you determine if the carpet or curtain is still worth salvaging? 

If the water is not contaminated, such as rainwater or water from pipes, then you can still salvage your carpet. But, if the flood or water damage comes from overflowed groundwater or toilets, it would be much better to get rid of it right away as it can cause serious health problems sooner or later. 

Why Should You Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners 

While it is possible to do water damage restoration on your own, the task can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t have the right equipment for it. 

Not only do professionals have the proper water damage restoration equipment, but they also have full knowledge of how to do it efficiently and on time. They use hassle-free methods that can save both of our time.  

At Heather Carpet Cleaning, our skilled and experienced carpet cleaner uses high-quality equipment and eco-friendly chemicals to perform a high-quality and safe water damage restoration. In addition to fast cleaning, we also use specialist equipment to dry the carpets and other fabrics faster.  

We will leave your carpet without any trace of flood or water damage. We guarantee spotless, odour-free, and allergen-free carpet at a cost-effective price. 

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Pet Owners Guide On Carpet Care

Keeping your carpet clean all the time can be very challenging if you have pets at home. Unlike hardwood and tile floors, carpets are so tricky to clean, especially when they are badly soiled. But to maintain a clean carpet is necessary for keeping safe and healthy environment at home.   A regular carpet cleaning helps lengthen the life of your carpet. Here are some helpful tips on how to take care of your carpets when you have pet at home.    Dirt Stains – since pets don’t wear shoes, it’s effortless for them to bring in dirt and dust after playing or running outside your home. Prepare a piece of cloth or anything to wipe their paws before entering your house to reduce the amount of dirt they bring inside.  Faeces and urine –are the most common problems that pet owners deal with. While faeces are odorous all the time, urine stains are sometimeodourless. But regardless if they are odourous or not, you should not let these types of stains set, or else they will become harder to remove and will put your family’s health at risk.  Fur – even the non-shedding pets shed hair, dander, and body oils. When this stuff sinks into your carpet and upholstery fibres, it will be tough to remove them.    How to take care of your carpet?  Aside from grooming your pets regularly to avoid shedding contamination, there are other things you can do to keep your carpet clean and healthy.  Train your pet  Potty training is necessary not just for your carpet, but most importantly for your pets to develop a good habit of eliminating in the right place. It’s not automatic for pets to develop this good habit. While waiting for them to learn how to signal their need to go, you can place an absorbent mat on your carpet.  Don’t feed your pet on the carpet  Food and water bowls should only be put on surfaces that are easier to clean, such as hardwood and tiles. As much as possible, don’t give your pets treats or water in carpeted areas.  Hire professional carpet cleaners  Hot water cleaning is necessary for keeping your carpet safe and hygienic. Cleaning it on your own is not a good idea. You might end up damaging your carpet. To ensure proper and high-quality cleaning, we recommend hiring professional carpet cleaners. Professionals use the most effective method of carpet cleaning, using high-quality equipment and products.   Feel free to contact us for high-quality carpet cleaning. 

Why You Should Clean Carpets Regularly 

Some people aren’t too discerning that high indoor air quality is associated with a clean carpet. While they don’t see the connection, removing the trapped particles in the carpet actually keeps the air inside your home clean. 

Due to the gravity, dust, pollen, and pet dander fall into the floor and get trapped on the carpet fibres. These particles that are trapped on the carpet fibres can only be removed through proper carpet cleaning.  

With quality and regular carpet cleaning using necessary tools, you can protect your family’s health by keeping a clean environment air inside your home. 

Asthma/Allergies – asthma attacks are often caused by allergies to dust and other allergens. With proper carpet cleaning, you can reduce the level of particles and dust in your home, thus reducing the risk of asthma attacks. 

Molds – Molds in the carpet are common during the cold season when sunlight rarely enters your home. Exposure to molds can cause various health problems, such as a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, etc. By keeping your carpet clean and dry, you can maintain good air quality and reduce the risk of molds forming inside your home. 

What Makes Indoor Air Quality Important


Indoor air pollution can be more dangerous than outside air pollution, according to the research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency. While indoor air quality varies, the fact that a cleaner house results in higher air quality should be enough reason to keep our homes cleaned all the time. 

Exposure to indoor air pollution poses a greater risk than inhaling polluted air outdoor. Especially that most buildings are tightly sealed (for energy consumption purposes), indoor air pollution can be riskier. Our desire to construct more energy-efficient buildings has resulted in reduced ventilation rates. Wood-burning stoves and pets also increase the amount of particles in the indoor air.  

To keep your home’s indoor air quality as high as possible, regular and thorough cleaning is essential. 

Clean Your Carpets Regularly 

Carpets are like giant filters that collect and trap all types of air pollutants. Eventually, the carpet fibres will be filled with contaminants and dry soil and stop working as filters. It is the reason why you have to keep your carpets regularly cleaned. 

The same thing when you clean the air filters of your other equipment, cleaning your carpets can remove harmful pollutants and improve the air quality of your home. Aside from having excellent indoor air quality, regular cleaning can also improve and maintain the quality and aesthetics of your carpet, preventing you from getting a costly and premature replacement. 

Heather Carpet Cleaning 

Get yourself and your family a healthier home by keeping your carpets regularly cleaned by professionals. At Heather Carpet Cleaning, we provide spotless and reliable cleaning for all sizes of carpets. 

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Reasons Why Pet Urine Is Harmful To Your Carpet

Aside from aesthetics purposes, there are more significant reasons why we install carpets in our home or business. One of the reasons is the comfort and warmth it provides inside our property. While some stains can affect our carpet’s appearance, there are a few kinds of stains that can do more than that. Pet urines such as cats and dogs are harmful to our health and property that you have to avoid as much as possible.  Why is pet urine bad for your carpet?  Bacteria   The acidity of the urine encourages the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. The urine will then start to oxidize and react with the carpet, which will eventually cause discoloration.  Odour  The breeding of bacteria on the carpet creates amino acids that can be easily absorbed in the carpet fibres. Opposite to what many people think, drying the stained carpet with sunlight can cause more problems instead of solving them. The hydrophilic salt crystals from the dried urine attract moisture. When remoistened, the salts will then release a foul-smelling gas called ammonia which can cause respiratory problems.  Irreversible damage  Leaving stains on the carpet for an extended period will cause permanent damage. The stubborn stain will be tough to remove and might cause the carpet colour to fade or darken. In worse cases, the urine might soak through the flooring, causing further damage.  What Should You Do?  If left untreated, pet urine stains can cause extensive and costly damage, not just to your carpet but also to your property. As soon as your carpet is stained with pet’s urine, contact professional carpet cleaners immediately. It is a lot easier and cost-effective to remove fresh stains and spills.  Contact us for immediate help  Should you need help with your carpet problems, feel free to contact Heather Carpet Cleaning right away. We are a premier carpet cleaning business that guarantees to wash all your carpet problems away.   Our team follows a practical, step-by-step carpet cleaning method to effectively take away carpet stains and make them smell like brand new. With our knowledge and high-quality cleaning equipment, we promise to leave your premises with a clean and fresh-smelling carpet.          

Why You Should Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners for Your Commercial Space 

A clean and odourless carpet is essential for any office space. This does not only ensure everyone’s health and safety, but it also promotes comfort and productivity to your staff. 

If you don’t have professional carpet cleaners coming into your office regularly, the whole office or carpet cleaning task can be very time-consuming and a waste of your staff’s energy on more important tasks relating to your business. 

Why Your Business Needs Professional Carpet Cleaners

  A carpet cleaning performed by professionals makes a huge difference.  

In a private residence with a handful of occupants getting in, out, and around the house, dust and grimes can accumulate over time that regular or yearly cleaning already makes a huge difference to the space.  

If that is the situation in private homes, how much more dirt and grimes could your busy office carpet get with so many people walking in and out every hour. Not to mention the foul odours caused by the moisture, contaminants, and spills that your carpet receives regularly. 

You may not quickly notice your office carpet’s need for cleaning during the dry summer months. But as the summer season nears its end and the heating comes on, you will eventually notice a musty smell in your office that you would want to get rid of as soon as possible. 

Another indication that your office space’s carpet needs cleaning is when your team members develop respiratory issues such as coughing, asthma, and cold. These symptoms might be due to the dust mites that have settled on the carpet, as they can cause allergic reactions to many. 

If you have a carpet office floor, hiring professional cleaners for a regular cleaning or a deep clean from time to time can indeed make a difference in terms of your team’s health and productivity. 

Spotless Carpet Cleaning 

At Heather Carpet Cleaning, we are experts in providing high-quality and spotless cleaning services for all sizes of carpeted floors. In addition to carpets, we also offer services for all other types of flooring. 

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