Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions Clarified

There are tons of DIY carpet cleaning instructions we can find on the internet. While some are useful, there some that are not really of help and cause bigger problems instead of giving a solution. We gather some of the myths or misconceptions about carpet cleaning and what you should do instead. Taking time to read them would help make your carpet cleaning success.

Regardless of the method you use, carpet cleaning shrinks and damages its fibres Those who use wool carpets are the ones who usually encounter this problem. This happens when you use the wrong chemical and method (such as over scrubbing the carpet). Carpets are designed to be cleaned, and manufacturers also recommend cleaning them regularly.

To avoid carpet from shrinking and damaging its fibres, you have to use the correct cleaning tools, methods, and chemicals. If you’re not confident in cleaning on your own, asking help from professional carpet cleaners would be a wise choice. They’re complete with the knowledge and equipment to clean all types of carpets safely.

Cleaned carpets tend to get dirtier faster

Incorrect or poor carpet cleaning is often the reason why cleaned carpets get dirtier faster. Most people are unaware that leaving dirty water or residues on the carpet surface as it dries is the reason why they have a dirty-looking carpet even after cleaning. On the other hand, even a bit of wear and tear on the carpets tends to get easily noticed after getting cleaned.

It takes days for carpets to dry after cleaning

The common issue in using DIY cleaning remedies or hiring carpet cleaning machines is that it takes so long to dry. In most cases, the problem is not on the carpet itself. Inexperienced cleaners tend to use a lot of water where the carpet eventually gets soaked.

Professional carpet cleaners are capable of cleaning carpets thoroughly using less water and can dry it off in just a few hours.

It’s alright to use any carpet cleaners you can find in the store

When it comes to carpet cleaning, a one-size-fits-all kind of product is not a thing. Certain types of carpet cleaners have high alkalinity that could burn wools and other kinds of carpet fabrics. It is helpful to test the products first . Apply the cleaner on a small area first to know if it can damage your carpet or not.

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