How To take Care Of Your carpet After A Deep clean

If you have gotten a professional carpet cleaning recently, you would want a very long time to pass first before spending on a carpet cleaning again. To do that, you have to make follow some important aftercare tips to maintain the good condition of your carpet for the longest time possible.

In our latest blog, we have gathered some of the most reliable aftercare steps you can follow to keep your carpet in its best condition after getting cleaned by professionals.

Don’t move back furniture in a damp carpet

You should avoid putting furniture and other equipment on while waiting for the carpet to dry. This can cause red marks and stains to set on the carpet, which will ruin its aesthetics.

Dry the carpet using warm air

Drying carpets is best done using warm air. If possible, open your windows and turn a fan towards the carpet. If you have done carpet cleaning during cold weather, you can dry out your carpet by turning up your home heating and turning on the fan directly to the carpet. The warm air is essential in speeding up the evaporation and lessening the time needed for the carpet to dry out.

Keep everyone away from the damp carpet

Don’t let anyone walk on the carpet while waiting for it to dry. Make sure to let your kids know that they should keep away from the carpet, and put your pets away temporarily while it is still wet. Walking on the wet carpet will only increase the time needed for it to totally dry. If it is impossible not to walk on the carpet, make sure to wear clean slippers or socks that you don’t use outside, and use the shortest route possible.

Remove your shoes when walking on the carpet

One of the reasons why carpets get so dirty is because we tend to walk on them as soon as we enter our home with our shoes on. If you want to keep your carpet clean for the longest time possible, make it a habit to take your shoes off before entering. Keeping a shoe cabinet in your door entry will help.

Remove stains as soon as possible

If you spot a stain or if a drink is spilt on the carpet, you need to clean and remove the stain the soonest time possible. Waiting for some time before taking action will only give hard time removing the stain.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming regularly is one of the secrets of having a clean and healthy carpet for a very long time. As a standard, you should vacuum once each week for each person in the home. That would make three vacuuming sessions weekly if three people are living in your household.

By doing this, you are preventing dirt from getting trapped in the carpet fibres. The higher the traffic your carpet gets, the more frequent you need to vacuum. But make sure to remember though, that you should not vacuum your carpet right away after getting it cleaned professionally. Ideally, you should wait for 48 hours or as long as it has dried completely before you start vacuuming the carpet.

There is no need for complicated maintenance routines to keep your professionally cleaned carpets last. By keeping the tips above in mind and following them, your newly cleaned will surely last for a long time.

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