Pet Owners Guide On Carpet Care

Keeping your carpet clean all the time can be very challenging if you have pets at home. Unlike hardwood and tile floors, carpets are so tricky to clean, especially when they are badly soiled. But to maintain a clean carpet is necessary for keeping safe and healthy environment at home.   A regular carpet cleaning helps lengthen the life of your carpet. Here are some helpful tips on how to take care of your carpets when you have pet at home.    Dirt Stains – since pets don’t wear shoes, it’s effortless for them to bring in dirt and dust after playing or running outside your home. Prepare a piece of cloth or anything to wipe their paws before entering your house to reduce the amount of dirt they bring inside.  Faeces and urine –are the most common problems that pet owners deal with. While faeces are odorous all the time, urine stains are sometimeodourless. But regardless if they are odourous or not, you should not let these types of stains set, or else they will become harder to remove and will put your family’s health at risk.  Fur – even the non-shedding pets shed hair, dander, and body oils. When this stuff sinks into your carpet and upholstery fibres, it will be tough to remove them.    How to take care of your carpet?  Aside from grooming your pets regularly to avoid shedding contamination, there are other things you can do to keep your carpet clean and healthy.  Train your pet  Potty training is necessary not just for your carpet, but most importantly for your pets to develop a good habit of eliminating in the right place. It’s not automatic for pets to develop this good habit. While waiting for them to learn how to signal their need to go, you can place an absorbent mat on your carpet.  Don’t feed your pet on the carpet  Food and water bowls should only be put on surfaces that are easier to clean, such as hardwood and tiles. As much as possible, don’t give your pets treats or water in carpeted areas.  Hire professional carpet cleaners  Hot water cleaning is necessary for keeping your carpet safe and hygienic. Cleaning it on your own is not a good idea. You might end up damaging your carpet. To ensure proper and high-quality cleaning, we recommend hiring professional carpet cleaners. Professionals use the most effective method of carpet cleaning, using high-quality equipment and products.   Feel free to contact us for high-quality carpet cleaning. 

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