Reasons Why Pet Urine Is Harmful To Your Carpet

Aside from aesthetics purposes, there are more significant reasons why we install carpets in our home or business. One of the reasons is the comfort and warmth it provides inside our property. While some stains can affect our carpet’s appearance, there are a few kinds of stains that can do more than that. Pet urines such as cats and dogs are harmful to our health and property that you have to avoid as much as possible.  Why is pet urine bad for your carpet?  Bacteria   The acidity of the urine encourages the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. The urine will then start to oxidize and react with the carpet, which will eventually cause discoloration.  Odour  The breeding of bacteria on the carpet creates amino acids that can be easily absorbed in the carpet fibres. Opposite to what many people think, drying the stained carpet with sunlight can cause more problems instead of solving them. The hydrophilic salt crystals from the dried urine attract moisture. When remoistened, the salts will then release a foul-smelling gas called ammonia which can cause respiratory problems.  Irreversible damage  Leaving stains on the carpet for an extended period will cause permanent damage. The stubborn stain will be tough to remove and might cause the carpet colour to fade or darken. In worse cases, the urine might soak through the flooring, causing further damage.  What Should You Do?  If left untreated, pet urine stains can cause extensive and costly damage, not just to your carpet but also to your property. As soon as your carpet is stained with pet’s urine, contact professional carpet cleaners immediately. It is a lot easier and cost-effective to remove fresh stains and spills.  Contact us for immediate help  Should you need help with your carpet problems, feel free to contact Heather Carpet Cleaning right away. We are a premier carpet cleaning business that guarantees to wash all your carpet problems away.   Our team follows a practical, step-by-step carpet cleaning method to effectively take away carpet stains and make them smell like brand new. With our knowledge and high-quality cleaning equipment, we promise to leave your premises with a clean and fresh-smelling carpet.          

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