Why You Should Clean Carpets Regularly 

Some people aren’t too discerning that high indoor air quality is associated with a clean carpet. While they don’t see the connection, removing the trapped particles in the carpet actually keeps the air inside your home clean. 

Due to the gravity, dust, pollen, and pet dander fall into the floor and get trapped on the carpet fibres. These particles that are trapped on the carpet fibres can only be removed through proper carpet cleaning.  

With quality and regular carpet cleaning using necessary tools, you can protect your family’s health by keeping a clean environment air inside your home. 

Asthma/Allergies – asthma attacks are often caused by allergies to dust and other allergens. With proper carpet cleaning, you can reduce the level of particles and dust in your home, thus reducing the risk of asthma attacks. 

Molds – Molds in the carpet are common during the cold season when sunlight rarely enters your home. Exposure to molds can cause various health problems, such as a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, etc. By keeping your carpet clean and dry, you can maintain good air quality and reduce the risk of molds forming inside your home. 

What Makes Indoor Air Quality Important


Indoor air pollution can be more dangerous than outside air pollution, according to the research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency. While indoor air quality varies, the fact that a cleaner house results in higher air quality should be enough reason to keep our homes cleaned all the time. 

Exposure to indoor air pollution poses a greater risk than inhaling polluted air outdoor. Especially that most buildings are tightly sealed (for energy consumption purposes), indoor air pollution can be riskier. Our desire to construct more energy-efficient buildings has resulted in reduced ventilation rates. Wood-burning stoves and pets also increase the amount of particles in the indoor air.  

To keep your home’s indoor air quality as high as possible, regular and thorough cleaning is essential. 

Clean Your Carpets Regularly 

Carpets are like giant filters that collect and trap all types of air pollutants. Eventually, the carpet fibres will be filled with contaminants and dry soil and stop working as filters. It is the reason why you have to keep your carpets regularly cleaned. 

The same thing when you clean the air filters of your other equipment, cleaning your carpets can remove harmful pollutants and improve the air quality of your home. Aside from having excellent indoor air quality, regular cleaning can also improve and maintain the quality and aesthetics of your carpet, preventing you from getting a costly and premature replacement. 

Heather Carpet Cleaning 

Get yourself and your family a healthier home by keeping your carpets regularly cleaned by professionals. At Heather Carpet Cleaning, we provide spotless and reliable cleaning for all sizes of carpets. 

Call us today for a professional, cost-effective, and reliable carpet cleaning service. 

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